Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Skirt.....

For years I have wanted to make a ''Christmas Tree Skirt"...
I have a few patterns to do this project........
 that have been collected over the years as well.
So with only a week to Christmas whats a girl to do!
 but sew day and night to achieve it this Christmas 2014....
 nothing like a little bit of pressure on ones self even though my Christmas shopping is still to be finished hahahaha
and the Plum Pudding is yet to be made!!!!!!!!
So to the starting line I head (wink)

all traced, stuck to fabric and cut out
ironed onto the background
  and quilted
 time for trimming
 binding and buttons to be added
 doesn't look to bad under there
 wrap and add some pressies
I think it looks pretty AWESOME...
now I must go soak the fruit for the pudding 
before I head to the hairdresser today...
finish my Christmas shopping tomorrow... well I hope too (wink)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christma Sewing...

My ''baby cousin" loves to decorate for Christmas... 
she also likes to have me and my family over for
Christmas get together before Christmas
we are sort of making this a tradition, especially now that I am living closer.
Last Christmas get together I noticed her Christmas table runner was looking a little worst for wear... so I made her a newbie
 I have added some hotfix crystals to some of the trees
 tried to make it look a little like snow falling
 I have also made her 6 Christmas placemats....
the pattern for the runner can be found here

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Let's Swap...

This wonderful parcel arrived yesterday...
 these were inside
 something for the tree
 something for the sewing room
 something to make
 something to read
 these are all my pressies together... 
oh there is ''something to eat" a yummy box of chocolate and yes I have done a taste test... plus there is one more pressie "something for under the tree"...
 love them all and I was very spoilt by Marcia, thank you...
and thank you Maree for all the swaps this year...
this is the gate to our property... 
there is a little competition going on around the ''estate'' to decorate your gate... I also have flashing solar lights on them for the night.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Christmas Swap...

My Christmas swap parcel was mailed out on Wednesday
so keep an eye out girls
it could be coming your way...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Where Has The Weeks Gone..............

But I have been busy REALLY TRULY...
in the garden
in the sewing room
house stuff...
Plus Hubby was home, so I don't post much when he is home just surfing/stalking your blogs...
Hubby has been busy doing more edging around the garden beds 
I pulled out some hedging (the hedge wasn't growing well) and replaced it with some large pots and potted them up with lavender
hoping that these will grow and the sent will waft through my sewing room window.
 once the ground cover grows back around the pots it will look lovely.
while Hubby was home this time we had some lights installed in the living area
 there were just bayonet lights and they weren't very attractive 
plus they attracted the bugs at night.
 our son-in-law is an electrician 
 so he got in the roof and cut the holes too.
 we had 2 down-lights put in above the bench and a bar light above the kitchen block
so much more light and looks lllooovvveeelllyyy
 excited..... a little heehee
 feature lights above the dining table
6 down lights in the lounge area.
loving it....
 we love marinated feta on our salads
but a small tub cost so much.... so last week when I did the weekly shop I bought 4 pieces of Danish feta and tried my own marinating... the 4 pieces make up 2 and half tubs of bought feta
 haven't tried it yet....
someone things the car seat it the perfect place to watch the world from!