Monday, November 17, 2014

Where Has The Weeks Gone..............

But I have been busy REALLY TRULY...
in the garden
in the sewing room
house stuff...
Plus Hubby was home, so I don't post much when he is home just surfing/stalking your blogs...
Hubby has been busy doing more edging around the garden beds 
I pulled out some hedging (the hedge wasn't growing well) and replaced it with some large pots and potted them up with lavender
hoping that these will grow and the sent will waft through my sewing room window.
 once the ground cover grows back around the pots it will look lovely.
while Hubby was home this time we had some lights installed in the living area
 there were just bayonet lights and they weren't very attractive 
plus they attracted the bugs at night.
 our son-in-law is an electrician 
 so he got in the roof and cut the holes too.
 we had 2 down-lights put in above the bench and a bar light above the kitchen block
so much more light and looks lllooovvveeelllyyy
 excited..... a little heehee
 feature lights above the dining table
6 down lights in the lounge area.
loving it....
 we love marinated feta on our salads
but a small tub cost so much.... so last week when I did the weekly shop I bought 4 pieces of Danish feta and tried my own marinating... the 4 pieces make up 2 and half tubs of bought feta
 haven't tried it yet....
someone things the car seat it the perfect place to watch the world from!

Friday, October 31, 2014

30 Years...

On Monday 27th October Hubby and I celebrated 30 years of marriage!
 We went to Matilda Bay Restaurant for lunch
 we had a wonderful 3 course meal... food was glorious
one of the sweets was "burger and fries"!!!!
 it was 
"Nutella gelato, crème patissiere, brioche bun,
 doughnut fries, strawberry sauce"
we also had
Banana parfait, peanut butter ice-cream, caramel popcorn 
 both were very yummy...
while Hubby has been home this time, 
he has been doing the edging around the garden beds...
 looks so much better
 will be easier to mow the lawn and whipper snip the edges
along the blocks now... still 2 areas to do.
hoping it also keeps the dogs from walking through them and digging hhhmmm?
 Hubby has gone back to work so back to the sewing room at night for me...
last nights sewing was putting the odd ends of my ''scrappy trip around the worlds" into blocks...
these are going to be place mats/heat mats/pot holders...
 hahaha sorry for the upside down photo only just noticed...
 these are rug mugs for an online swap
 we were given the patterns... I have added a little more detail to mine.
these are off to USA today...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Burning The Midnight Oil...

Yep Hubby is back working away so I am having late nights again... 
I don't sleep well when he is away so I sew and stay up... 
less night time that I have to deal with, I am generally up at 5.30
and no nana nap ... have never been able to sleep during the day...
more ''scrappy around the world stripping
 some tubing out (as the plumber would say)
 then loads of cutting and unpicking to produce
17 more blocks... still not sure if I will make a couple of lap quilts or a bigger one!!!
 every afternoon I throw the ball for the dogs...
Baz is the ball dog
Jax is a stick dog or leaf dog or larger stick dog or dead branch dog
 the lawn and back door are generally his collecting point drop off... most days there is a collection to pick up and bin...
some of my rose bushes have an abundance of flowers at the moment
and I have picked some for around the house
 some of them have a glorious smell
 and others not so much
 they look so pretty

Thursday, October 16, 2014


That's right "LOTS" has been happening...
Hubby was home so off to the daughter and SIL's to help with building a new deck...
 first a bit of plumbing to connect the down pipe into the storm water off the extended patio
our son who is a plumber had that job...
the old decking was stained pine, it was splintering and the buckling
 and they have replaced it with lovely jarrah
 day two and nearly finished
 all finished at around 7pm
 all oiled and looking great in the daylight...
 poor Little Man was not impressed that he couldn't have a swing for nearly two whole days...
I did take him to the park around the corner BUT it just wasn't the same...
 a little bit of water play in the back yard...
 this was in Bunnings looking for a little ''pool''
for him to play in
 daughter and I also got her summer veggie garden sorted while the deck was being build... 
plus I carried most of the wood around!
 on the sewing from some more "friends"
these are for the new grandie coming
 these are for a family friend who had a little boys last week
 this is the rug I crotchet for him a little while ago
 plus I made some bibs
 all ready to go to Little Man Finn

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Some New Friends...

Yes that's right but not for me for the Little Man...
two Elephant softies found here (last nights sewing)
 aren't they just tooooo cute...
The Little Man came for a visit today
and he was reading his book to the cats!
not sure how impressed they were.